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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What a hoot

Once upon a time, Mr Mustard was out walking in the woods when he came across a rather nice looking chap with big round eyes and a friendly smile. Now, Mr Mustard was a polite sort of person, as all the best people are, so he thought it best to ignore the fact that the young man quite possibly had big round eyes because he was high on ecstasy and just say hello instead.
'Hello,' said Mr Mustard, and then stopped, because he wasn't sure what to say next. Just what does one say when one meets a stranger who's off their face, he wondered. Got any for me, old chap? Tally Ho, you might need some rolling papers for tomorrow's comedown? Hmmm. No, that sounded rather rude.
As Mr Mustard stood there wondering what to say, the big-eyed gentleman lent forward and silently shook his hand, smiling all the while. Mr Mustard couldn't help but smile back, especially when he realised the stranger had just slipped him a rather large spliff.
'Oh, how awfullly smashing of you!' Mr Mustard cried, and the two men followed the sounds of doof-doof, which is rather like The Sound of Music only with less yodelling, and a little bit like the Sound of Silence only noisier, towards a rave which was conveniently located not far from where they had met.
There, they met up with Hoots the Owl, who was pinging off his dial, and they all doofed happily ever after.

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