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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A market of success

The Kingston Night Art Market was SO MUCH FUN. I took a few quick snaps of my stall just before the market opened to the public and I'm glad I did, because after that we were SWAMPED.

Thank you to everyone who came along and had a chat and a laugh and said lovely things about my creations and bought things.

I'm not sure who should get the 'comment of the night' award - the sweet lady who purchased some of my tape measure badges at last year's market and said she came along this year just to see what else I had made, or the young woman who rushed over, eyes wide, and squealed 'LOOK AT ALL THE THINGS!'

These were some of 'the things' I had for sale, and some are still available for Christmas. If you're after a critter for Christmas (or any other occasion) please leave a comment on this blog post so I can help you, or visit my etsy shop.

And if you're after some super cool accessories you might like to check out Jude's website. Jude was my stallholder neighbour - he makes ace pieces like the one below. HOT.

As I said it was a busy night, so I didn't have time to take many other photos - but I did manage to get a shot of these super cute critters made by Ems Baby Bibs. That's one of the best things about going to (or being a stallholder at) craft markets - seeing what other people have made....and looking at ALL THE THINGS!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The King-ston of markets is on again!

This wise owl knows the smartest words uttered this time of year are:
It's on Saturday 1 December from 4pm-10pm at Kingston City Hall, 979 Nepean Hwy, Moorabbin. 
Come along, hang out and get all your Christmas shopping done in one place while supporting local artists and craftspeople.
 See bands, nom nommy things and drink award-winning beer.
And maybe pick up something special for yourself - you deserve it.

 I'll have a whole bunch of new sock critters to show you.... the last of my limited-edition owl doorstops. 
They are a bestseller and there's only three left, so if you want one, get in quick!

Don't monkey around on Saturday night - get down to the market and make your Christmas a sockcess!
See you there!

*If you click that link and scroll down far enough you'll see a picture of me having fun at last year's market. I appear to be dressed as Where's Wally.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Market in your diary - the next Made n Thornbury market's on soon!

Feeling a little alienated by winter?
Need something to put some spring in your step?
Alien le Winter
Well, a little birdie told me...

Hoots the baby owl
 ...the next Made n Thornbury craft market is just around the corner! Hurrah!
It's on Sunday, September 9 from 10am-2pm at 99 Leinster Grove, Thornbury.
I'll have a little stall there filled with all kinds of critters (like the ones in this post), plus funky accessories and  some ultra cool new stuff I can't tell you about yet - you'll have to come along and see!

Mr Stripes

So come say hi, support local artists and show off your crafty stripes. 
See you there!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Go Native!

No, I am not suggesting you go wandering about in the buff. But I am saying you should come to this ace trivia night being organised by my clever sister to help raise funds for our native animals.


The event is being held at South Melbourne's Honey Bar this Wednesday. Prizes include Prickly Moses beer, a $100 voucher from the good people at Claremont Tonic AND a mystery prize that's being donated by Make it Wednesday. What's it going to be? Even I don't know yet. You'll have to come along to find out!

And if you win this amazing prize - a two-night stay at the Great Ocean Ecolodge, where you could meet quolls like these ones - you can go native there all you like.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

A giant koala walks into a market...

Ever wondered what giant plush koalas do all day? Well, on certain Saturdays (like this one), they go to  

Sometimes they get to visit their friends, like these super-cute critters - Heston the Hedgehog, George the Owl and Phileas the Fox. They're created by the very clever Mari of Rainy Days Joy and you can make your own, too! You see, Mari puts together all the elements you'll need to make one of these little guys, and sells her kits at ridiculously low prices (yes, George the Owl kits are only $5. BARGAIN.) 
Her business name - Rainy Days Joy - summed up the day nicely. Sure it was bucketing down, but that didn't stop a giant plush koala (and me, clearly) from having a great time. After all, there were lots of lovely and talented people to meet, and gorgeous products to see. Like this range of jewellery....

...all handcrafted from Czech glass, silver and gemstones by Jane and Helen of Jewellery by Jahl. Can you believe they've only been making jewellery for a few months? 
I had a stall next to theirs, which looked like this:

It's not a great picture but hey, I never said I was a photographer! 
Right behind my stall was the Gingerbread Corner crew. These guys were AMAZING. They had penguin gingerbread. The had BATMAN GINGERBREAD. I repeat, they had BATMAN GINGERBREAD. 
(I'd show you a picture, but I ate mine before I thought to take a photo! 
Holy smokes Batman, it tasted as good as it looked!)

And they had these divine little gingerbread men felt badges that looked good enough to eat.
The lovely Linda, from Lindyloo Designs, was spotted wearing one. And I was spotted gazing admiringly at this be-yoooo-tiful bunny she'd made...

...completely gorgeous and huggable, don't you agree? So if you'd like to see all these great products (and lots more - so many I couldn't fit them all in one post), come along to the next Handmade Show or check out their websites.(Warning: you might end up drooling over the gingerbread. But don't worry - Cotton Candy Designs have you covered with these ace bibs.) 
See you there!


Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Handmade Show

I'm going to be a stallholder at The Handmade Show this Saturday! Yay! 
It's on from 10.30am-3.30pm at St Anthony's Parish Hall, 
164 Neerim Road Glen Huntly (cnr Grange and Neerim roads).

There's going to be bags of style... can have a hoot with these lovely owls...

...or these ones...

 ...and everything for sale at my stall will have a green bent 
(I handmake my creations from preloved and upcycled fabrics).

Come along and see what presses your buttons, like these badges...

...or these sweet baby clothes made by my talented sister Leeyong...

...or this ultra-cool fabric necklace, also handmade by Leeyong, whose blog you can read here

I'll also have conjoined twin elephants available, sock critters galore, and of course some 
ZOMBIE HAMSTERS will be lurking nearby.

So drop in and say hi - we'd love to see you, and I promise the hamsters won't bite!

Monday, July 23, 2012

A case for hypnotism

Looooooooook into my are under my immense powerrrr. 
You are feeling an irrepressible
to spluuuuuuuuurge
at Melbourne's first Suitcase Rummage market
(which you can read about here, once you are no longer under my spell).
You'll find me there, hanging out in a suitcase with my pals...

 ....some of whom are REALLY excited about seeing you there!

See you at Suitcase Rummage - a market where everything is sold from a suitcase
Thornbury Theatre, 859 High Street, Thornbury
Sunday, July 29 11am-5pm

Oh yes, I nearly forgot. When I snap my fingers, you'll wake up...and bring me a large box of Maltesers.
Munch munch munch....

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It's MY wine!

At last, I can say "today I'm drinking myself..." without adding "stupid"! Thank you, nice people at Blue Pyrenees. I like what they say about my wine here - why thank you, I am "Ready to appreciate now"! And for the record, my wine is sparkling and delicious. Just like me ;-)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

You know the automated cookie cutter scene from Edward Scissorhands, with the robots' feet cutting shapes out of dough as the dough moves along a conveyor belt? (No idea what I'm on about? That's normal. Here, watch the clip, it'll make more sense then.) Sometimes I wish I had one of those for cutting out critter patterns. I'm a pretty slow cutter-out-erer so a machine would make things heaps faster (and probably neater, too). Plus, how cool would it be to have a machine like that in your house? Imagine giving first-time guests the guided tour.

'The kitchen's through there, this is my craft room - watch out for the giant zombie octopus - and, oh yeah, that thing in the corner? That's my Pattern-bot,' all said with a nonchalant shrug, of course.

Since I sadly do not yet possess a Pattern-bot nor the knowledge of how to build one (I am pretty sure pipe cleaners and empty toilet rolls are NOT involved, since the last time I tried building a robot out of those it was a dismal failure) I have had to become my own Bot and cut out lots and lots of shapes myself.

I spent nearly three hours today cutting circles out of felt. These are just a few of them. I could be a wanker and say I am exploring how different colourways work together here, or I could just explain that the felt circles would later get sewn together and used as owl eyes. (Oh, and the tin of pins you see there? The tin came from my sister (it had beads in it that I made into a necklace for her) and the little bit of orange chalk (handy for marking fabric) is a leftover from childhood. Our family really are hoarders.)

I also spent some time cutting lots and lots of owl shapes out of assorted fabric. I'd been asked to make one owl so I figured, why make just one when I could make a dozen and have some in stock for the next time someone needs one? The above shot shows how useless I would be as a cutting-out robot, unless I was programmed for chaos. There's owl parts and eyes and leftover felt and gluey bits everywhere.

And now, through the magic of time lapse technology...also known as me updating this blog sometime after I started writing it.... I bring you the finished result. Yes, only two owls, but man, you oughta see the number of eyes I've stitched up! (Er, that would be "several" since I am REALLY slow at sewing such things, but please just pretend there is a whole MOUND of owl eyes ready to go in my very well-organised studio *cough* OK, in my craft room *cough, cough* OK FINE, in the ROOM OF UTTER CHAOS I choose to call my craft room. There, happy now?)

My scissors have been in my hands for so long today I almost feel like I'm Edward himself. Maybe the Bot isn't so far away after all.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Unbearably cute

My pal Robyn and I are hanging out in Hobart for a few days, and we found these guys hanging out in the foyer of the Ronald Mcdonald House there. Too cute! I had a knitted bear that was kinda similar when I was a kid, only he was nekkid (ie knitted without clothes). On special occasions I'd put a red bow around his neck, and that was about as dressed up as he'd get. Either he was a pervy nudie rudie bear, or these guys are wearing built-in clothing simply because it's colder in Hobart than Melbourne.

Hobart must be the unofficial knitting capital of Australia - the CWA shop is full of gorgeous knitted goodies (as well as cakes, jams and home grown fruit) and we've found at least three places specialising in hand-knitted clothes and beautifully dyed wool. In my short time here I've developed an obsession with hand-knitted tea cosies, which is kind of nuts since I rarely drink tea from a tea pot (I usually use a cup, boom-tish). These super cute ones were at the Salamanca Market, a huge art and craft and fresh produce and clothing and bric-a-brac extravaganza held every Saturday in Salamanca Place. If you're ever in Hobart, GO, it's great fun.
As for what I purchased... well, I'm off to check out Hobart's nightlife, so you'll have to wait for the next post to find out!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Label as 'weird'

And now for something completely different, or at least not craft-related. We interrupt your usual program to bring you something that can only be labelled as FREAKIN' FREAKY. (Disclaimer: it could actually be labelled as something else, 'I like red boots', for example, but that would not make much sense.)
Something is afoot, and I don't mean this kind...

... I mean there's some dodgy stuff happening out there in label-land.

'But it's just a pack of McVitie's Digestive biscuits,' I hear you cry. 'What could be wrong with that?'

To start with, they call themselves DELICIOUS WHEAT BISCUITS. While I am quite partial to a McVitie's, they can really only be called 'delicious' when they are smothered in butter or cheese, preferably both. But that's not the main problem. Read the line just beneath the ingredients list:


Hmm, let's pick this one apart, shall we? To start with, surely the line should be 'The ingredients in THESE biscuits do not contain any substance that ASSISTS digestion'. Use your words, McVitie's! Use the Queen's English! After all I notice you are made in Great Britain - in ASHBY-DE-LA-ZOUCH, no less. (Who names these places?!)

More to the point, the biscuits do not aid digestion, yet they are called DIGESTIVES. Confusing, yes? No one expects Mars bars to contain Mars but I would (perhaps naively) assume a digestive biscuit would at least contain fibre or something vaguely nutritious. My GUT FEELING (ha) is that this is part of some huge conspiracy, and that these guys are also involved:


Kraft Cheddar MADE WITH NATURAL CHEESE?! What the hell else would cheddar cheese be made from? Let's find out...though I'll probably wish I didn't...

Well, it claims to be made with pride. That's technically not an ingredient but at least it's a good start. And that's pretty much where you should stop reading that label if you ever want to eat this so-called cheese, which is made a minimum 70% cheese. Huh? Oh right, that's because they also had to add other stuff, like butter OR cream, you know, just whichever one was handy at the time. This product confuses me.


There is so much wrong with this I don't even know where to begin. I am too scared to open the packet so I cannot tell you if the box does indeed contain Mother's Finger. I shall have to conduct some kind of scientific test. But again, a conspiracy is lurking: I am sure the results of such a test will remain hidden in ...