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Saturday, August 18, 2012

A giant koala walks into a market...

Ever wondered what giant plush koalas do all day? Well, on certain Saturdays (like this one), they go to  

Sometimes they get to visit their friends, like these super-cute critters - Heston the Hedgehog, George the Owl and Phileas the Fox. They're created by the very clever Mari of Rainy Days Joy and you can make your own, too! You see, Mari puts together all the elements you'll need to make one of these little guys, and sells her kits at ridiculously low prices (yes, George the Owl kits are only $5. BARGAIN.) 
Her business name - Rainy Days Joy - summed up the day nicely. Sure it was bucketing down, but that didn't stop a giant plush koala (and me, clearly) from having a great time. After all, there were lots of lovely and talented people to meet, and gorgeous products to see. Like this range of jewellery....

...all handcrafted from Czech glass, silver and gemstones by Jane and Helen of Jewellery by Jahl. Can you believe they've only been making jewellery for a few months? 
I had a stall next to theirs, which looked like this:

It's not a great picture but hey, I never said I was a photographer! 
Right behind my stall was the Gingerbread Corner crew. These guys were AMAZING. They had penguin gingerbread. The had BATMAN GINGERBREAD. I repeat, they had BATMAN GINGERBREAD. 
(I'd show you a picture, but I ate mine before I thought to take a photo! 
Holy smokes Batman, it tasted as good as it looked!)

And they had these divine little gingerbread men felt badges that looked good enough to eat.
The lovely Linda, from Lindyloo Designs, was spotted wearing one. And I was spotted gazing admiringly at this be-yoooo-tiful bunny she'd made...

...completely gorgeous and huggable, don't you agree? So if you'd like to see all these great products (and lots more - so many I couldn't fit them all in one post), come along to the next Handmade Show or check out their websites.(Warning: you might end up drooling over the gingerbread. But don't worry - Cotton Candy Designs have you covered with these ace bibs.) 
See you there!


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