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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A night to remember

Come along to the Kingston Night Art Market! It's on this Saturday. Details here ... Facebook info here ... wee flyer thing right here...

...and me talking about the market here (on page 32 of Bayside Leader if that link doesn't work)

...and again here... (page 29 of Mordialloc Chelsea Leader)

...and again right here on this blog for those of you who can't be bothered looking at those links!

The market is on Saturday, December 3 from 4pm to 10pm at Kingston Arts Centre, 979 Nepean Hwy, Moorabbin (Melway 77D5). I'll be selling super cute critters like these...

quirky accessories like these...

...and earrings for only $5 a pair - great for Kris Kringle gifts! I'll also have lovely clutch purses available, plus lots of other goodies - come and see!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

A crafty way to shop

Who wants to watch telly when you could be at Markit at Fed Square?

Oh, unless the telly looks like this knitted one from the lovely folks at Lark.

I fell in love with Jimmy at The Gently Unfurling Sneak...and left with some of their brilliantly quirky cards.

Then it was time to Ask Alice about her super cute stationery. I couldn't resist these gift tags.

Retro Print Revival had some bright ideas. I especially love the Very Hungry Caterpillar lamp (in the front right corner of this pic) and I'm certain Leeyong at Style Wilderness would love the Frida Kahlo number, since she dresses like her sometimes. Minus the monobrow, though (disappointing I know.)

I can't even tell you how much I loved this stall. SO MUCH CUTE. You should check them out here.

Can you believe this beautiful print was on a doona cover for a cot? Some babies have all the luck. It's from Sunday Morning - appropriate since Markit was on a Sunday, yes? Oh yeah, in case you hadn't worked it out yet, Markit is a MASSIVE market full of independent Melbourne designers showing off all their great stuff - accessories, bags, prints/ posters, ceramics, jewellery, everything you can think of, really. There is so much talent in this town it's almost scary. I left feeling super inspired...

...saw Santa waiting for a train... (for the record, he was wearing black Ugg boots. Ugh. But not surprising, really, given he was waiting for the Frankston train.)

...and got so excited about my purchases I thought I'd do a bit of photo shoot when I got home. Sadly this super cute red clutch purse from Pigeonhole does not match my very favourite maroon Fluevog boots. Oh dear, I shall have to buy another bag to match them. Heh.

This, however, will match everything I own. It's from Greg Mann, who does terribly clever things with cutlery - like make spoons into pendants and earrings and forks into rings. He told me this brooch used to be a salt and pepper pot - the other half of it was sold to a Brisbanite so I am almost guaranteed to have the only one of these in Melbourne!

Ooh, and I nearly forgot to mention the very best thing about the whole Markit - Cat Rabbit was there with her amazing softies. (I have four of them already and had to fight the urge to buy more.) She is incredibly lovely and talented. I have a gigantic craft crush on her which makes me embarrassingly tongue-tied around her. I must have missed the 'how to talk normally to people you admire' class in school. (Cat, if you are reading this, I am super sorry that I tend to run screaming with joy towards your stall, then screech to a stop and babble incoherently at you before blushing and running away. It's only because I think your creations are AWESOME.) Ack, I'm babbling incoherently even now, aren't I? Anyway, she has a book coming out next year - hurrah! I shall start practising my congratulatory speech now so I don't look like a complete idiot during the book launch...

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Open up and say braaaaaaaains

Appropriately enough, there were bodies everywhere at last night's opening of Esprit de Corpse, the zombie-themed art exhibition I'm holding with my undead artist pals Charlotte and Kitty. (Yes, the same show I've been banging on about for a few weeks now. Fret not, it has all come to a (severed) head and this will be the last you hear of it. Just tumour me a while longer, OK?)

Oh, and some of these pics come courtesy of my sister, Leeyong. You can read a far more reliable account of the night on her blog here.

And, courtesy of Kitty and Charlotte, you can see pics of us installing the show right through to pics of us celebraaaaining its opening here.

Why helloooooo there! These three lovely ladies would like to EAT YOUR BRAAAAAAAAINS. That's me wearing traditional Melbourne black, with the corpse-a-licious Charlotte in blue and gore-geous Kitty in envy-inducing green.

Kitty gazed lovingly at the dead bird on my head.
'Egad!' I cried, 'there's a dismembered My Little Pony upon your noggin!'

My colleague Michael and I rose up from a particularly hellish grave.
Well, OK, from the office. Same thing.

Prior to the show opening, Kitty gave me two black eyes. Luckily Clive, my bodyguard, turned up to prevent any more. It was just like in that crap film with Whitney Houston. Who's up for a rousing rendition of 'I will always love yooooooooou'? No, me either. I prefer the way more romantic 'Til death do us part - and then we shall return as zombies!' which was on someone's iPod shuffle...heh.

Lans tried to blend in with the artwork.

So did our Zombie Burlesque lass...

...Who kicked off her heels, one of which landed in the wall and stayed there.
Take that, Hollywood special effects!

Charlotte convinced the crowd she was bloody innocent.
Kitty didn't look so certain.

By the end of the night I had truly suffered for my art.

Now it's your turn.

If you missed opening night, you've got another fortnight to see the show at

Egg Gallery, 66a Johnston Street, Collingwood.

Friday, November 4, 2011

We've hit the big time! Well, mX at least

Oooh look, me and Charlotte are in today's mX newspaper!The lovely Nicole Cleary took this photo while I was attempting to look like a squinting horse. That's Charlotte on the right, probably wondering why I am such a nuffy. If you have extremely good eyesight you'll be able to read the accompanying caption which is spruiking our art show, Esprit de Corpse. And just for the record, the giant zombie octopus behind us is a BOY, not an Octomummy - you can tell because he is extremely well-endowed where it matters Ahem.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Making (severed) head lines

Regular readers of this blog most probably have a diet high in fibre and will most definitely know all about my impending dooooooom, er, impending zombie-themed art show, Esprit de Corpse, since that's pretty much all I've been banging on about lately. But why just read what I've got to say about it? You can read a much more professional account in Melbourne Times Weekly. Thanks heaps to Al Walsh for his words and Stephen McKenzie for the stellar pic, in which it appears I am trying to eat Charlotte's head.