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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Unbearably cute

My pal Robyn and I are hanging out in Hobart for a few days, and we found these guys hanging out in the foyer of the Ronald Mcdonald House there. Too cute! I had a knitted bear that was kinda similar when I was a kid, only he was nekkid (ie knitted without clothes). On special occasions I'd put a red bow around his neck, and that was about as dressed up as he'd get. Either he was a pervy nudie rudie bear, or these guys are wearing built-in clothing simply because it's colder in Hobart than Melbourne.

Hobart must be the unofficial knitting capital of Australia - the CWA shop is full of gorgeous knitted goodies (as well as cakes, jams and home grown fruit) and we've found at least three places specialising in hand-knitted clothes and beautifully dyed wool. In my short time here I've developed an obsession with hand-knitted tea cosies, which is kind of nuts since I rarely drink tea from a tea pot (I usually use a cup, boom-tish). These super cute ones were at the Salamanca Market, a huge art and craft and fresh produce and clothing and bric-a-brac extravaganza held every Saturday in Salamanca Place. If you're ever in Hobart, GO, it's great fun.
As for what I purchased... well, I'm off to check out Hobart's nightlife, so you'll have to wait for the next post to find out!

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