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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A critter shows his stripes

I don't have a heap of stuff to say about this guy, so here are a few random thoughts I thunk while making him.
1. Striped socks are THE BEST.
2. Socks with black foot-parts and striped uppers are supremely ace to make sock critters with. The contrast lends itself to tres chic creations. Here, the foot part forms the head, and the upper forms the legs, obviously. A heel forms his mouth (a bit hard to see in this picture since black things are notoriously hard to photograph, as black absorbs all the light. Did you know that?).
3. Therefore, when I'm emperor, I shall issue a royal decree: that all sock makers must include at least one pair of striped and one pair of striped-with-contrasting-foot-part socks in their collection. And that black things will be easier to photograph.
4. That I will need a sex change to become emperor.
5. But apart from that, I am TOTALLY QUALIFIED.

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