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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tarkyn's customised critter take two

I have a confession to make: I am not entirely happy with the customised critter I made for Tarkyn a while back. Yes, it looks more or less like what Tarkyn drew, but it doesn't look like one of 'my' critters(which I guess is the idea since it's mean to be customised!). It doesn't look like something I would make, and as such I am not that happy about handing him over. It just doesn't feel 'right'. It'd be like giving someone a book that you didn't enjoy reading - you'd just feel uncomfortable, like you were cheating them (or yourself).

So this week I made a Luna-ised version of Tarkyn's critter - that's him in the picture. He's made out of socks and he looks MUCH more like one of 'my' dudes. Hurrah!

Tarkyn can have both, and it's up to him to choose which one he prefers. With a bit of luck he'll like them both equally. Double hurrah!

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