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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tarkyn's customised critter

I love making customised critters, where customers give me their old clothing/ socks and let me make a monster or a cute critter for them. I don't usually work from a sketch; generally speaking, the fabric will dictate what I make (unless the customer has a particular request for a certain type of critter).

But, going against all of what I've just said, I custom made this guy based on a sketch by my friend Sanchia's nephew, Tarkyn. Being a smart aunt with excellent taste, she gave him a zombie hamster for Christmas last year and he's been drawing critters ever since.

Recently, Sanch sent me a picture he'd drawn and asked me to make it into a critter for his birthday.

Tarkyn described the critter: 'He has red arms and white hands and super powers.' You can't see the 'super powers' but I got the colour scheme right! And yes, he does have super powers - his legs and all four of his arms are moveable and poseable, so he can fight off marauding zombie hamsters in Tarkyn's room!

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