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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Clothes maketh the critter

Sometimes, you have to look your best, and a tuxedo - or maybe a cravat - is the only way to go.

I made this adorable pair a few years ago from some old socks, and the cravat is one of my first attempts at knitting. (Please don't tell Mrs Tuxedo that, though, she thinks it's a Hermes scarf.)

Then there are times when you just want to lounge around in your PJs. I custom-made this little guy a few years ago - a customer asked me to make a monster for his girlfriend as a Christmas present, and requested it have brown eyes (to match his girlfriend's eyes - awww). He even supplied an old pair of her PJs for me to use - which inspired me to make PJs for the critter!

If you'd like a custom-made monster for you or a friend, drop me a line in the comments field or visit my etsy store.

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