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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Have a cow, man

A few months ago my pal Erika asked me to make a softie for her niece Ruby, who loves cows. Ruby's barely a toddler but the girl has good taste - cows are one of my favourite animals, too.

I like making comissioned critters as personal as possible, and I like making things in a sustainable manner too. So I asked Erika for some of Ruby's old clothes - that way, I could make the critter from the clothes, giving it a more personal touch, and also add life to something she'd outgrown that may have otherwise been discarded.

Anyhoo, Erika provided a spotted jumpsuit which I turned into this little cow. She's even got a rattle inside her (the cow, not Erika), which I made by sewing some bells into a little fabric pouch and placing the whole lot inside the critter while she was being stuffed.

Last year, I made a rattle in a similar manner for Erika's baby, Joseph. Erika's husband Simon is a Coke addict (the drink, not the drug) so as a joke I made baby Jo's rattle softie in the shape of a Coke can. It's about life-sized and far more nutritious than the soft drink!

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