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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Feeling sheepish?

A few years ago at an op shop, I bought a fake sheepskin jacket with a big furry collar and cuffs. You know, the kind that looks good when you try it on, but when you get it home you realise it makes you look like a deranged Muppet.

In retrospect, I am not sure what I was thinking when I made the purchase, as the jacket was white and I am a Melbourne gal and hence wear only black. I suppose I was thinking, hmm, this is a cool jacket and it is only $6 (thank you, Savers) and if I never wear it, I can turn it into a critter.

I suspect I was also having a bout of "but I've been op shopping all day and haven't found anything I want, I can't return home empty handed, I have to buy SOMETHING!!"-itis. I am quite convinced this is a contagious illness suffered by many an op shopper that leads to many stupid buying decisions (hello, silver lurex dress that I don't have the confidence, body or occasion to wear, I see you're enjoying the company of a super cute pair of shoes that are only two sizes too small that I couldn't resist because, you know, my feet might shrink one day).

Years passed with the jacket taking up valuable wardrobe space until one day, I hacked off a sleeve and made this little critter here as my first "critter a week challenge" creation. See, even things you buy in a fit of stupidity just because they are cheap come in handy eventually. That's what I tell myself as I wade through the pile of "what was I thinking" objects invading my house, anyway.

As a result of all this, Amy - as the critter calls herself - has a slightly sheepish expression and horns made from another op shop purchase - a 1980s-style pink and grey striped jumper. And I can proudly say I bought that jumper solely to make into a critter. I might be deluded enough to think I would wear a white furry jacket but I would NEVER wear pink and grey!!

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