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Saturday, January 22, 2011

An octopus and an alien walk into a cafe...

Today I took Takoyaki the Mighty Octopus into Purple Peanuts Japanese Cafe, and Peter (the cafe owner) suggested he needed a headband to make him look even tougher. You can see the result here - a Japanese flag-inspired 'rising sun' headband.

It's been a busy week - I also made a floral-print flannelette owl and Bug, a green alien-like critter. That's them being strangled, er, cuddled, by Takyaki.

I made Bug out of some PJs I bought at an op shop a while ago because I liked the print. He's a present for a workmate's baby. You know how parents sometimes buy clothing for their kids that's a few sizes too big, so the kid will 'grow into' the clothes? I suspect the same thing will happen with Bug, since he's about the size of some babies already!

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