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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Where do you craft?

I like to spread out when I craft. One idea requiring one kind of fabric inevitably leads to another requiring different fabric and several boxes of buttons and then that leads to me wondering just where I put that jacket that still requires a button to be sewn on to it and before you know it there's craft stuff everywhere. And since I am a very visual person* I can't simply tidy it all away and somehow remember what I was doing and come back to it later - no, I have to leave it all out so I have a visual cue as to what it was I was doing before I got interrupted by something irritating like having to go to work. (*Saying 'I am really messy' might be closer to the truth, but saying 'I am a very visual person' sounds so much better. It's like saying my house is 'full of eclectic knick knacks' rather that saying it's 'completely cluttered with things that do not match and are displayed in a hodge-podge manner'.)

Now, there's nothing wrong with spreading out when you craft (at least that is what I tell myself). But, much like not having an actual fabric cupboard, I do not have an actual craft room, either, so you might well find me crafting in the lounge, or in the car (if I am a passenger, that is - I have not yet learnt how to apply make-up at all, let alone when driving the way so many multitaskers do, so I am not going to attempt knitting while changing gears - especially because I drive an auto) or even on the train on my way to work. I suppose that makes me some kind of crafting gyspy, with nowhere to call my crafting homeland. As a result, there's evidence of crafty stuff all over my place. I'm the kind of person who has knitting needles in her handbag and buttons in her jeans pocket. If I ever get pulled over by the cops it's going to be kind of embarrassing.

'Ma'am, we have reason to believe you've bought more than your fair share of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups for the third week in a row. I'm going to have to search your handbag.'
'OK. Good luck.'
'Let's see, there's a ball of wool in here that doesn't match the half-finished bit of knitting that's also in here, a sock monster's head and some scribbled notes that look suspiciously like plans for some kind of craft that will involve you spreading your craft stuff all over the place...'

Sorry, off on a tangent there, must be all the Reese's PB cups I've eaten making my mind wander. I meant to say that because I don't have an actual craft room, I end up crafting anywhere and everywhere.

My dining room gets called 'the craft room' because that is where I do most of my crafting when I'm at home, and it's where all my craft supplies are stored. OK, that is a lie, and if you have read this far then you should have spotted it a mile off. Like I said before, I have fabric all through the house and lately I have started viewing my car as a mobile storage unit for whatever I've bought on special at Spotlight but quite possibly did not really need and definitely can't shove under the craft table since there is ABSOLUTELY NO MORE ROOM. Ahem. Note to self, do something with all the stuff under the craft table (no, taking it all out, lovingly sorting through it and then putting it all back really does not count as 'doing something' with all the stuff under the craft table).

When I first started crafting a few years ago, I did my crafty stuff our old ugly dining room table, leaving half-done projects there for weeks at a time, which was fine because we usually ate dinner on our laps in front of the telly anyway (hmmm, could there be a link between those two things?) A while ago, my clever husband reconfigured the furniture in the dining/ craft room and somehow managed to squeeze in a special craft table just for me (which was immediately covered by a sewing machine, several UFOs and my laptop-slash-convenient flat surface to put piles of fabric on) AND a funky new dedicated dining table, too.

'There,' he said triumpantly, 'now when we have dinner parties we can sit at the dinner table like grown-ups, and not have to eat off our laps.'
'Dinner table?' I replied innocently. 'Oh, you mean my big new pattern-cutting table... you didn't really think it wouldn't get swamped with craft stuff, did you?'

We ate one meal on that table to celebrate being grown ups at last, and then, as soon as we'd cleared the plates, the table magically vanished beneath several sewing patterns and some half-finished sock critters. It's not my fault I swear. Like I said, I'm a visual person...

Where do you craft? Do you have a dedicated craft space? And if so, can I craft there with you? I won't take up too much space, honestly...

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