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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Rabbiting on about critters

This week I made a rabbit for a workmate, Megan, who's having a baby. I guess I should say I made it for the baby but secretly, I am hoping she keeps the rabbit for herself - come on, he's a pretty cute rabbit, she deserves to have him all to herself.

I'm really pleased with his cute expression and his jumper. I don't usually make clothes for critters - I'd rather leave that to the experts like Cat-Rabbit, softie-maker extraordinare.
But Megan has a penchant for stripey tops so I thought her critter (er, I mean, her baby's critter) better have a stripey top, too. I made the rabbit's jumper from some bias binding and the sleeve of, er, a jumper. Yep, it seems that particular jumper is destined always to be a jumper of some sort.

The rabbit was made from a grey jumper. Now there's a jumper that knows how to be transformed into other things. This monster is the first thing I made from that jumper about a year ago. I kept the scraps, of course, partly because I knew one day I'd want to use them for another project - like the rabbit - and partly because I am a hoarder. Look, you can't just wake up one day and discover your whole house has been filled with fabric scraps, you have to work on it.

I also made Mr Bunny from the same grey jumper. He's pictured here in a patch of rocket with his buddy the be-jumpered rabbit. I have no idea why that photo has loaded on that angle, but I'll pretend it is because I am an avant garde artiste making a statement my inability to get it to load correctly.

I still have a few scraps from that jumper. It just keeps on giving. If only chocolate lasted that long!

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