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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Death is just the beginning

I like eggs. I like chicken's eggs and chocolate eggs and one of my favourite Mr Bungle songs is called 'Egg'. So I'm pretty eggs-xcitedthat this critter will be in Egg Gallery's opening show on September 23. Yep, it'll be a mad scramble to get there and see this poached critter's head on their walls. No yolk. What's that? I can't hear you over all the groaning over my terrible puns.

The piece is called 'Death is just the beginning' which I confess I ripped off from a Nuclear Blast metal compilation, but since it's a decapitated zombiefied animal's head dripping with blood and gore and mounted in a picture frame, much like what you might find at a zombie hunting lodge frequented by death metal heads, I don't think they will mind. In fact I just googled Nuclear Blast and their bands are a minefield of potential titles for this series of zombie-themed pieces I'm working on. 'Cadaverous mastication' (thank you, Meshuggah) might just make it in if I can work out how to mechanise a corpse-like critter so it looks like it's chewing on braaaaaains. Shouldn't be too hard with my degrees in engineering and bio-mechanics. Cough.

Anyhoo, I'm working on these zombie-like things as part of a zombie-themed art exhibition with the most excellent Charlotte Tizzard and Kitty Robertson, whose hilarious blog you can read here. Charlotte does bee-you-tiful drawings (even her zombies are drop-dead gorgeous) and Kitty's creations are fascinating because they are, well, fascinators. Zombie fascinators. How cool is that? Our zombie show - titled 'Esprit de Corpse', and no, that is not a rip off of a metal band, yours truly thought that one up! - will be at Egg from November 2. Bring your friends, bring your lovers, bring your braaaaaaaains!

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